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319 Station Road
South Hayes
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Animals Are Us
222 Uxbridge Road
TW13 5DL
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At Animals Are Us we provide a comprehensive range of veterinary services in order to meet all the needs of your pet. 

Advanced and routine surgical operations

– Spaying
– Castrations
– Dentals
– Lumpectomies

Emergency treatment and supportive care.

In-house laboratory service for immediate clinical investigations. 


We inject a tiny microchip with a code unique to your pet, injected under the skin in the same way as vaccines. The price of the chip includes registering you and your pet on the national database.

Free Advice

On various issues, ranging from pet insurance and vaccinations to weight management and arthritis.

Pet Insurance Information

Animals Are Us Veterinary Surgery strongly supports the principle of veterinary insurance to safeguard you against costs incurred following illness or accident. After settling your account with us, you can then submit a claim to your insurance company, and we are always happy to assist you with this. In certain cases we may be able to obtain settlement of your fees directly from your insurance company, once you have paid the excess on your policy. Please ask for further details from any member of staff.

Vaccination Courses

Vaccination and the associated annual health check, which goes with it – is the most important preventative health measure you take for your dog.

Repeat Prescriptions

Most medications are dispensed after your pet has been examined by the Veterinary Surgeon during a consultation, and current legislation requires us to carry out regular re-examinations if ongoing medication is required. This is to check on the pet’s health, to confirm the usefulness of the medication, the accuracy of the dose and the absence of any side effects.

This is achieved through repeated physical examination and may include further blood, or other diagnostic tests. The interval between re-examinations can be no longer than six months and may, in some cases, be considerably shorter, at the discretion of your Veterinary Surgeon.

Please give us at least 24 hours notice when you request ongoing medication, as each request has to be checked and authorised by a Veterinary Surgeon before it can be dispensed. We will let you know as soon as possible if the Veterinary Surgeon confirms that a repeat examination, or other test, is needed.

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