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Exotic Animal Veterinary Care and Treatment

We are extremely well equipped to treat all manner of exotic pets including small birds, parrots, birds of prey, reptiles, amphibians, fish and small mammals – rabbits, ferrets and rodents as well as the more unusual patients such as marmosets.

All of our staff have a keen interest in exotic species and are trained in their specialized care and requirements. We are dedicated to providing optimum care and welfare to your pets, and have invested heavily in equipment and facilities and training, such investments includes:

  • Dedicated avian and exotics ward to minimise stress and provide for specific requirements depending on species
  • Thermostatically controlled vivariums and tortoise tables with provision for correct heating, ventilation and UV light provision for our reptilian patients
  • Isolation facilities for care of potentially infectious patients with strict barrier nursing care
  • Safe and reliable anaesthesia equipment and drugs to ensure the safety of your pets including Doppler probes and respirator

We have a range of specialist equipment for treatment of birds, reptiles and small mammals including:

  • High standard Xray machine, ECG, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, Diathermy
  • Highly equipped laboratory for prompt diagnosis and treatment, as well as on-site faecal analysis
  • Nebulisation facilities for effective treatment of respiratory cases
  • Microchipping for birds and reptiles
  • Specialised drills and burrs for intricate dental procedures and beak trimming

We offer complimentary lectures at our newly refurbished conference room in the Hayes surgery for local groups and clients on various aspects of pet care including husbandry of exotic species. Please keep checking online and in our surgeries.


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